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3 Reasons Leaders Fail

A leader is successful to the point that others will follow the vision. When employees are apathetic, we can expect the organization to fall short of its goals and expectations. Unfortunately, there are some leaders who lack the desire and commitment to make things better. Great leaders are not necessarily the “rah-rah” type. A solid […]

Her Car Was on Fire and She Didn’t Know It

On a Tuesday afternoon, I was making my way from one meeting to the next. The San Antonio weather was nice on this particular day, and the warm sunshine made it even better. The quickest way for my 2 p.m. meeting was taking Interstate-35, which runs North-and-South through the Alamo City. A few miles from […]

The Yawner Who Forgot My Name

I was invited to a planning meeting as a subject matter expert (SME). For this particular session, there were only three meeting attendees. I arrived about five minutes early, and proceeded to the assigned conference room. Mike, the meeting coordinator, arrived shortly thereafter. The other SME was running late, which gave Mike and I a […]

I’m the Guy in Charge of the Butter!

Many of us take ourselves too seriously. We sometimes think that we are better than we really are. We get a nice job, and a good salary, and now we have a swagger about us. We walk into a restaurant, and we think that we own the place. When our drinks are slow in arriving, […]

8 Strategies to Managing Conflict in Meetings

As a meeting coordinator, it’s important to control what takes place in the get-together, including the agenda, conflict, and apathy. Most of us are aware that many people think meetings can be a waste of time. Here are 8 strategies to managing conflict in meetings: 1. Make sure to invite only the people who will […]

TSA Agent: “I’m Doing Terrible! Can’t Wait to Retire!”

While going through airport security, I observed a TSA agent wasn’t too excited about the work he was doing. While I get negative vibes from workers here and there, it’s unusual for them to tell me point-blank that they are unhappy. The Situation My flight on this particular day was taking me from San Antonio […]

If I Were President: No More Micromanagers!

In me, you have a candidate that will be specific with my ideas. I understand that I might lose some votes with my policies, but it’s important that I share how I will change the American workplace. Identifying Micromanagers Micromanagers are individuals who have moved up the ladder largely because they look busy. They often […]

The White Glove Treatment

I recently attended a conference, and was intrigued when a speaker discussed theWhite Glovetreatment.He explained how his organization was inefficient in the onboarding process.He exclaimed: “Quite honestly, I can’t believe we have any business at all.We are so poor when bringing on new customers.” Transitioning new customers is a critical function for all organizations.Marketing has […]


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